Dec 30, 2009

Best of 2009: Girls.

My favorite all girl music from 2009. It's not a coincidence that most of them are attractive.

Talk Normal - Sugarland

Noveller - Red Rainbows

Julianna Barwick - Florine

Zola Jesus - The Spoils

Dum Dum Girls - Yours Alone

Brilliant Colors - Introducing

aTelecine - aVigillant Carpark

Liechtenstein - Survival Strategies In A Modern World

Dec 28, 2009

If I'd only seen that the joke was on me

Faith No More - I Started A Joke

Best of 2009

2009 has been one of the most boring years in recent memory for whatever you would consider a good all encompassing label for alternative rock music. I'm sure you're creaming over Girls, Ducktails, Pearl Harbour, Real Estate, Wet Hair, and whatever else was released on Mexican Summer or In The Red but the truth is that even though some of this stuff is listenable, it's just flavor of the month shit that will be pretty irrelevant this time next year. Then again, music is for entertainment so what the fuck do I know?

Stuff I enjoyed:

Silk Flowers - Silk Flowers
This was their year. Best debut album, best bunch of shows, and all around really awesome guys.

Former Ghosts - Fleurs
I feel like this record received so much hype just because of affiliations to Zola Jesus and Xiu Xiu and Freddy Rupert gets sidelined when he deserves all the credit. Freddy really puts himself into this music and his performances, and is also real down to earth.

Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans
I know I just posted this a few days ago but it's such a great record; it's a shame that very few people give them the praise they deserve.

Crocodiles - Summer of Hate
Took them awhile but the ex Plot guys finally found their element and made the perfect soundtrack to 2009's hectic summer.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - 11:11

Black Pus - 0: Ultimate Beat Off
Because the new Lightning Bolt sucked.

Bygones - By-
Because Zach Hill hasn't done a good record since 2006 and Tera Melos has been rather inactive since 2007.

Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions
Because Austrian female choirs are fucking DOOM.

Magrudergrind - Magrudergrind
Because this has the greatest opening grindcore track of all time.

Cobalt - Gin
Because you don't need to sound like you're in 1994 Norway to release the best black metal record of the year.

Liturgy - Renihilation
Because American black metal is just as good and way more innovative than any other country's black metal.

Skagos - Ást
Because Phil Elverum can go fuck himself if he thinks he's going to be the next big thing in the Cascadian black metal scene.

Infinite Body - CMBCME/INAPTD LP

Infinity Window - Artificial Midnight

Coalesce - Ox
Because everyone loves a good comeback.

Prurient - Rose Pillar
Because illegally downloading a record that costs $100 feels great.

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass

Pyramids With Nadja

GREYMACHINE - Disconnected
Because all the Jesu releases this year were awful.

Pajo - Scream With Me

There's a lot of stuff that I forgot, but I don't really care. Here's to hoping that next year is better.

Dec 25, 2009


Four damn near flawless records each with a completely unique sound. From a band that is unclassifiable and has shown it will never compromise artistic integrity even if it means alienating its fanbase. That makes Liars the best band of this decade.

They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top (2001)

They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (2004)

Drum's Not Dead (2006)

Liars (2007)
The Angels of Light - Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home


Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas.

Liars - Sisterworld

Already the best album of 2010.

Dec 21, 2009

Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans

Sorry, WHAT? Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, the XX: these are the best records of the year? If you're one of these people who believes that shit just go off yourself in the most gruesome way possible. PISSED JEANS came back in 2009 with a fucking vengeance in what is possibly one of the most pissed and best records of the year. Jesus Lizard meets Flipper in what is sure to be your soundtrack to binging on 40s, getting in a shirtless fist fight, and passing out face down in a vomit flooded gutter.
Black Flag - My War (1984)

Fuck Henry Rollins but this is an awesome record.
Heldon - Electronique Guerilla

French minimal progressive electronic fronted by Richard Pinhas if you're into Magma, Tangerine Dream, Eno, etc.
The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation - Remains To Be Heard (1970)

Awesome British blues, if you're into early Sabbath check it out.

Dec 17, 2009

Scholastic Deth - Final Examiner

Complete discography from defunct San Francisco Bay straight edge powerviolence band fueled by caffeine induced nerd rage. Think Descendents of extreme music.

What is speed metal; is it just like a bunch of idiots playing as fast as they can?

Spazz - Crush, Kill, Destroy

Classic powerviolence record providing important lessons on gang terminology and how to become a pimp. If you don't already have this WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Dec 16, 2009

Velvet Cacoon - Genevieve

Mysterious ambient black metal band out of Portland, Oregon toting a unique blend of atmosperhic frequencies and half whispered growls. I know it's not cool to like American black metal but this record deserves a listen or two.
The Birthday Party - The Birthday Party

Originally released as The Boys Next Door in 1980, reissued as The Birthday Party in '88. Begins the divergence from the Boys' pop work and the Birthday Party's drug crazed sex slave chamber music.

Dec 12, 2009

Infinite Body - White Hymn

Infinite Body - CMBCME/INAPTD

Kyle Parker makes ambient drone full of synth crescendos, frantic gated arpeggiators, soft contactmic-thru-vocoder manipulations, and peaceful loops under the moniker Infinite Body. My favorite thing to happen out of Los Angeles in a very long time.
Lucky Dragons - Widows

Los Angeles based two piece cranking out interactive laptop based psychedelic carpet noise.

Dec 11, 2009

Burzum - Filosofem

Immortal - At The Heart of Witer
Bathory - Under The Sign Of The Black Mark

Bathory was a Swedish one man band named after the Hungarian countess. This 1987 release is a quintessential cornerstone in creating the Norwegian black metal scene of the early 90s.
Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse

1994 Norwegian symphonic black metal classic and one of the best black metal albums ever made.

Dec 10, 2009

Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger

True Norwegian Black Metal. 'Nuff said.