Apr 26, 2009

Zola Jesus - Tsar Bomba


Apr 18, 2009

Girls girls girls

Dum Dum Girls - Yours Alone 12" EP


U.S. Girls - Me + Yoko 7" EP


Apr 15, 2009

Liars B-Sides

Liars are quite possibly my favorite band of this decade. Here is a compilation of all the EPs and b-sides from singles released by them (as far as I know this is only missing a 10" collaboration they did, if anyone has that I would be ever grateful if you could share.)
Note: This does not include any title tracks from singles since you can find those on full-lengths, and it does not include any remixes. The tracks are numbered in the folder but only so I could put them into a concise track list, the tags are all fixed and numbered to along with their individual releases.

01 Pillars Were Hollow And Filled With Candy So We Tore Them Down
02 Everyday Is A Child With Teeth
03 Rose And Licorice (Oneida Cover)
04 All In All A Careful Party
05 Dorothy Taps The Toe Of The Tinman
06 We Got Cold, Coughed And Forgot Things
07 You Know I Hate Stupid Phones
08 Every Two Hours With A Ducks Fan
09 Leaving For Dubbo In A Panda-Bear
10 Skull And Crossbrooms
11 Broom
12 Sex Boy (Live)
13 The Fountain And Its Monologue
14 The Frozen Glacier Of Mastadon Blood
15 Bingo! Count Draculuck
16 Do As The Birds, Eat The Remains
17 Sunset Rodeo
18 Mimic The Hurricano
19 Volcano Police
20 Panic Button
21 Leopard On My Right
22 Dear
23 Red Dirt
24 Dear God
25 Army of Me {Björk Cover)
26 Cycle Time (Demo)
27 Houseclouds (Demo)
28 Pure Unevil (Demo)
29 Plaster Casts of Everything (Demo)

1-2 from "Fins To Make Us More Fish-Like EP
3-5 from "Atheists, Reconsider Split EP with Oneida"
6-8 from "We No Longer Knew Who We Were EP"
9 from Split 7" with Yeah Yeah Yeahs
10-11 from "There's Always Room On The Broom" single
12-13 from "We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones Of Our Own" single
14-15 from "It Fit When I Was A Kid" single
16 from "The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack" single
17 from Adult Swim's "Warm & Scratchy" Compilation
18-19 from "Plaster Casts Of Everything" single
20 from David Shrigley's "Worried Noodles" Compilation
21-22 from "Leopard On My Right/Dear" 7" single
23-24 from "Houseclouds" single
25 from Stereogum's "Enjoyed: A Tribute to Björk's Post" compilation
26-29 from 'Liars' Session


Apr 11, 2009

Crocodiles - Summer of Hate


Upcoming full length and the song "Neon Jesus" from their first 7".
Blessure Grave - Unknown Blessures

Spirit Photography - Time is Racing 7"


Apr 7, 2009

Blank Dogs - On Two Sides

Silk Flowers - First and second 7"s


Both in one zip file. My favorite new band right now. Synth charged, Ian Curtis channeling post punk out of New York. See them live if you get a chance.

Apr 6, 2009

HEALTH - Die Slow

Just the a-side. If you're really interested in a shitty remix go buy the 7".