Dec 11, 2008

D.C. Hardcore

State of Alert - No Policy

Bad Brains - Self-Titled

Minor Threat - Complete Discography

Dec 10, 2008

Anarcho punk

Crass - The Feeding of the 5000

Conflict - The Ungovernable Force

Subhumans - The Day the Country Died
Hella - Church Gone Wild/Chirpin' Hard

Dec 3, 2008

Harvey Milk - Life...The Best Game In Town

One of my favorite releases of 2008, top 5 possibly.

Nov 29, 2008

De Facto discography

How Do You Dub? You Fight For Dub. You Plug Dub In.

Megaton Shotblast

Légende du Scorpion à Quatre Queues

456132015 EP


Trap Them - Seizures In Barren Praise


At the Drive-In Discography

Hell Paso (EP)

Alfaro Vive, Carajo! (EP)

Acrobatic Tenement (LP)

El Gran Orgo (EP)

In/Casino/Out (LP)

Vaya (EP)

Relationship of Command (LP)

Now, this next file is a collection of all their splits and b-sides.
Splits (I've only included the ATDI songs) with:
Aasee Lake, Burning Airlines, Murder City Devils, and Sunshine.
Singles (Only B sides):
One Armed Scissor, Rolodex Propaganda, and Invalid Litter Dept.
And an unreleased Smiths cover included on the 'This Station is Non-Operational' anthology.

Misfits discography.

This link:
Is a compilation of all Misfits 7"s that were not released on full lengths including: Cough/Cool, Halloween, Horror Business, Night of the Living Dead, Who Killed Marilyn, and 3 Hits From Hell. There are more, but the rest were eventually released on a full length record.

Walk Among Us

Earth A.D.

Legacy of Brutality

Static Age

Oct 25, 2008


Here's some Hawnay Troof for your pasty ass. White boy rap with cheap Casio beats singing about robbing banks by blowing loads in people's faces.

White Men In Suits EP

Hollar and See: The Mixtape (Not an official release, just something he made on CD-R and sold at shows.)

WHO Likes Ta? EP (The best Hawnay release ever.)

Oct 22, 2008

Cryptopsy - None So Vile

Cryptopsy - None So Vile


So what if Cryptopsy kicked out their old singer and replaced him with some jerk off who looks like an inbred hybrid of Howie Mandell and the singer from Disturbed? And so what if now they go under the moniker of "BR00TAL DEATH METAL" and tour with horrible bands? None So Vile happened before the bullshit and is probably my second favorite death/grind crossover album after Carcass. This album seriously slays, play it loud around your parents so they can think you're some creep who worships Satan while you aren't out defiling virgins.

Emanuelle E Gli Ultimi Cannibali

Or better known in the States as Trap Them and Kill Them, which is where the band TRAP THEM derive their name from. Easily the best band in "hardcore" right now, Trap Them are a four piece hailing from New Hampshire. Their distinguished sound is a ferocious blend of crust, punk/d-beat, and grindcore. However, their sound has become less grindcore influenced and leaned more toward a technical metal style (think of a rawer sounding Jane Doe).

Trap Them - Sleepwell Deconstructor

Trap Them - Seance Prime

Trap Them/Extreme Noise Terror Split

1. Religion Is Fear (Extreme Noise Terror)
2. Day 18: Enders (Trap Them)

Check out this band with NARROWS and THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES in December. Will easily be one of the best tours of the year.

Sep 18, 2008

Bloodbath - Unblessing The Purity

Aug 29, 2008

My new favorite band.

Narrows - Narrows EP


Aug 20, 2008

Some Girls - Heaven's Pregnant Teens

Some Girls - Heaven's Pregnant Teens