Apr 30, 2010

Death In June - Symbols And Clouds

(This is only disc two. If you don't have the first disc, which you SHOULD, check the tags.)

Symbols And Clouds was a "greatest hits" of sorts with tracks from But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? and Rose Clouds Of Holocaust, widely regarded as his best two albums. It also included a second disc of self proclaimed "Totenpop" recordings of some of those songs. Basically really stripped down acoustic guitar and minor percussion with segue samples. It was recorded in 2005 during their last tour, but wasn't mixed and mastered until 2008.

Apr 28, 2010

Shoppers - You Shot Me And I Woke Up In The Next Life


I'M SO BORED OF NEW MUSIC, but this release kept me from locking myself in a bomb shelter and playing ABBA's greatest hits over and over again. Evol meets Songs About Fucking meets New York fuck all DIY aesthetics with a touch of melodic hooks here and there. Shoppers is a recently formed Syracuse band featuring a member of White Guilt and his girlfriend who is way more cool/talented/attractive/bad ass than your girlfriend and she plays guitar, WHAT? I'm kind of in love. Anyway, this tape will be released by DRUGGED CONSCIENCE, the people responsible for bringing you releases by Cult Ritual, White Guilt, Merchandise, and Weekend Nachos in the past.

Impending info here:

Apr 26, 2010

Let's Get Rid Of L.A.!


"15 bands from underneath the ruins of Southern California"
1. The Rolling Blackouts - Champagne and Painkillers
2. The Checkers - Is He In?
3. Neon King Kong - Annette's Got the Hits
4. The Flash Express - Beat That Kills
5. The Orphans - Miss Easy Rider
6. The Alleged Gunmen - New Bo Diddley
7. Squab - Hanger
8. Thee Make-Out Party! - Can't Leave The House
9. The Pinkz - Right Or Wrong
10. The Fuse! - An Ave Maria
11. Radio Vago - Minute
12. Miracle Chosuke - Clifton
13. The Lipstick Pickups - Sealed With A Kiss
14. Fast Forward - T-T-T-T-Tet
15. The Starvations - Fool's Gold

I'm feeling generous today so here's this long lost gem that maybe two people will appreciate. Super awesome compilation from 2003 with a bunch of Los Angeles based bands from different labels, including GSL and Kapow!.

VMW Discography

Virgin Mega Whore was a side project involving Marc McCoy (Charles Bronson, Das Oath, Holy Molar) and some other guy nobody has ever heard of named Jeff Jellen.
They played whored out and coked up dance punk with lame synths, perfect for those days when you want to relive your 31G days. The Second EP is missing the first track; if anyone has it, I'd appreciate you sending it to me. All the tracks are in one zip file for your convenience.

Virgin Mega Whore - The Door Knob Of San Diego

Virgin Mega Whore - Virgin Mega Whore

Virgin Mega Whore - Second EP


Apr 25, 2010

Asmus Tietchens - In Die Nacht


"Tietchens is a German electronic musician who has pursued "absolute music" through an almost mathematical process of rigid formal exercises. With strong ties to Karlheinz Stockhausen's early electronic work, Tietchens specializes in irregular patterns of sonic abstractions that are suspended in gray drones to create cold textural voids from external references."

From the desolate fields into the heart of the beast.

Current 93 - Dogs Blood Rising


Apr 22, 2010

Bathory - Blood Fire Death


Seminal 80s influence on black and viking metal. This album kicks so much ass.
Sol Invictus - Trees In Winter


Apr 19, 2010

SPK - Leichenschrei


SPK's best album: the paragon of Industrial excellence. If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to be in an mental institution, and I should know, here's your chance.
The Sisters of Mercy - Floodland


Goth rock classic.

Apr 17, 2010

Nico - Desertshore


Apr 16, 2010


Steve Albini rules.

Big Black - Songs About Fucking


Rapeman - Two Nuns And A Pack Mule (reissue includes Budd EP)


Apr 14, 2010

Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle


Ugh, Gary Numan is playing next week and doing this album in its entirety but it's so fucking expensive. Just because "Cars" is the only song you know, don't write him off as a won hit wonder. Gary Numan was fronting legit albums with Tubeway Army and then traded in his guitars for synthesizers to make this classic. Pretty much paved the way for the cheesy 80s music you're enamored with so it merits at least one listen.

Apr 13, 2010

John Cale - Vintage Violence


Apr 11, 2010

Sex Gang Children - Song And Legend


Sex Gang Children were one of the first bands to label themselves as gothic back in 1983. Song And Legend is their first and best album, mixing Batcave and peace punk in what sounds like a cross between Alien Sex Fiend and Crass.

Apr 9, 2010

The Vanishing - Still Lifes Are Failing


AH, this album brings me back to my high school days of unconditional love for everything GSL put out. The Vanishing were a San Francisco based trio way ahead of their time, mixing death rock and goth revival with new wave synth, saxophone, and seductive female vocals. They are better than 99% of the bands doing it today because they were sincere about it, and all of your newly turned mall goth friends haven't heard of them.
Eugene S. Robinson - Fight


Apr 7, 2010

Bernard Szajner - Superficial Music


"Bernard Szajner worked as a visuals designer and lazer expert for Gong, Magma, and Klaus Schulze. His first venture into music-making, 1979's Visions of Dune was inspired by Frank Herbert’s s.f. epic and its swirling clouds of drone and unearthly melodies would have made for a much superior O/S/T for the ill-starred David Lynch movie than the dismal score by Toto. Superficial Music's first side consists of four tracks of ever-more formless wuthering made using the source tapes for Visions of Dune played backwards at half speed and then tweaked with effects; the second side is a triptych titled Oswiecim after the Polish word for Auschwitz (Sjazner's being a Polish Jewish family who managed to narrowly evade being deported to concentration camps) and lives up to its harrowing inspiration."

Apr 6, 2010

Here are the remaining Boyd Rice albums (with the exception of the Giddle & Boyd album, I will never post that) I haven't posted on this blog:

The Boyd Rice Experience - Hatesville! (1995)


NON - Receive The Flame (1999)


Death In June & Boyd Rice - Alarm Agents (2004)


Boyd Rice & Z'ev (2008)


Apr 5, 2010

Might as well...

Post his other two EPs

Danger - 9/14 2007


Danger - 9/16 2007


Now go have a sexy dance party.
Danger - 9/17 2007 EP


Latest from Danger, a French house musician in the vein of Daft Punk, Justice, Kavinsky, etc. I'm surprised that after three years this guy hasn't blown up, then again I don't really follow electronic music anymore.

Apr 3, 2010

Ringo Deathstarr - Ringo Deathstarr


Contemporary American band with a really stupid name playing shoegaze in unabashedly Jesus and Mary Chain rip off style. And yet, I kind of like it. Maybe I've been spending too much time with cool kids.

Apr 2, 2010

Monopoly Queen - Monopoly Queen 7" (1994)


This is a really WEIRD single released through Sub Pop, even considering that Boyd Rice is involved. The first song is a Martin Denny inspired lounge/easy listening cover of "Let's Keep It Friendly" by Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman (which you can find here). Boyd sings along with his ex wife's mom Mary Ellen Carver, in a style that would make Mrs. Miller proud. They're backed by a kitschy lounge band called Combustible Edison.

The Tards - I'm Just Like You (1993)

The Tards - Pissed You In The River (1995)

The Tards - Rubber Room (1995)


Retard culture.