Apr 26, 2010

Let's Get Rid Of L.A.!


"15 bands from underneath the ruins of Southern California"
1. The Rolling Blackouts - Champagne and Painkillers
2. The Checkers - Is He In?
3. Neon King Kong - Annette's Got the Hits
4. The Flash Express - Beat That Kills
5. The Orphans - Miss Easy Rider
6. The Alleged Gunmen - New Bo Diddley
7. Squab - Hanger
8. Thee Make-Out Party! - Can't Leave The House
9. The Pinkz - Right Or Wrong
10. The Fuse! - An Ave Maria
11. Radio Vago - Minute
12. Miracle Chosuke - Clifton
13. The Lipstick Pickups - Sealed With A Kiss
14. Fast Forward - T-T-T-T-Tet
15. The Starvations - Fool's Gold

I'm feeling generous today so here's this long lost gem that maybe two people will appreciate. Super awesome compilation from 2003 with a bunch of Los Angeles based bands from different labels, including GSL and Kapow!.


jav said...

awesome, thank you. the starvations "one long night" ep was an amazing record, and ive never found neon king kong songs digitally.

Ross C. said...

I used to have everything Neon King Kong released but my fucking iPod crashed and my hard drive died soon after.

lycanthr0py said...

thank you and i love you greatly