Apr 28, 2010

Shoppers - You Shot Me And I Woke Up In The Next Life


I'M SO BORED OF NEW MUSIC, but this release kept me from locking myself in a bomb shelter and playing ABBA's greatest hits over and over again. Evol meets Songs About Fucking meets New York fuck all DIY aesthetics with a touch of melodic hooks here and there. Shoppers is a recently formed Syracuse band featuring a member of White Guilt and his girlfriend who is way more cool/talented/attractive/bad ass than your girlfriend and she plays guitar, WHAT? I'm kind of in love. Anyway, this tape will be released by DRUGGED CONSCIENCE, the people responsible for bringing you releases by Cult Ritual, White Guilt, Merchandise, and Weekend Nachos in the past.

Impending info here:

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matt said...

This is extremely good, can't wait to pick up a tape when it is released.