Aug 30, 2011

Fripp & Eno - Evening Star


School hasn't even started and I'm already pulling all night study sessions.

Aug 29, 2011

Shoppers - Silver Year


When did this band become so famous?? Why have so many people been asking me for this??? I just hope that Syracuse's favorite noise punk trio doesn't forget me in their rock star glory. New & old material of manic, shrill vocals, distortion that feels like putting your ear through a meat grinder, and audible drumming (a first for Shoppers).
Buy the LP HERE and if you're geographically fortunate enough, catch them on tour HERE.
Blessure Grave - When I Die


Nothing more fun than a limited cassette release titled WHEN I DIE. Sold at some show in NYC, was supposed to be released as an LP by Sacred Bones but we all know how sketchy Toby was/is.

"Tobias: you'll NEVER be Rozz, but you should pull a Rozz and hang yourself."

Aug 26, 2011

Burning Star Core - The Very Heart Of The World


Aug 24, 2011

Yellow Crystal Star - Rainbow Bridge To Dream Mirror Orb


Aug 23, 2011

Pedestrian Deposit - Volatile

The Rita - Skate/Snorkel


I'm back.

Aug 18, 2011

CAD 705

Dead Can Dance - Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun


Had to cut 4AD week early due to going on vacation and poor time management. Stay spooky!

Aug 17, 2011

CAD 407

Xmal Deutschland - Tocsin


CAD 105

Modern English - Mesh & Lace


Not just a one hit wonder.

Aug 16, 2011

CAD 104

The Birthday Party - Prayers On Fire


CAD 613

Clan of Xymox - Medusa


4AD night at Part Time Punks this week means I'm going to be posting my favorite albums off that label.

Aug 13, 2011

Cocteau Twins - Peppermint Pig


"In early Decembers long since past, while the quaint Victorian village of Saratoga Springs slept quietly through a chilled and moonlit eve, legend suggests that a bit of magic was in the making.
The first dusting of winter's snow gathered in darkened downtown doorways and twirled by night's wind seemed to dance and whirl like sugarplum fairies. Behind the oaken doors of gingerbread-sized candy shops that dotted Saratoga, tireless old candy makers, bathed in amber glow of crackling hearth and bubbling candy pots, labored on into the night creating... and continuing a holiday tradition known to all as the "Peppermint Pig™"
Cocteau Twins - Lullabies



Aug 10, 2011

DO 9

Pink Playground - Ten/Come Find Me 10"


Texas shoegaze duo on Downwards.

Aug 8, 2011

Death In June - 20th Anniversary "Nada!" Reunion Performance

Live performance included with Nada Plus!. Filmed in London on 23.IV.05 with Patrick Leagas.
Conrad Schnitzler - Ballet Statique


Originally released as Con in 1978. Reissued with five extra tracks in 1992.

Aug 7, 2011

Conrad Schnitzler - Con 2+


Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal + Consequenz 3 = Con 2+
Conrad Schnitzler - Con 3


Aug 6, 2011

RIP Schnitzler

Conrad Schnitzler - Silver


Goodnight, sweet prince.

Aug 5, 2011

DO 2

Tropic of Cancer - The Dull Age/Victims


Their first release.

DO 4

Sandra Electronics - It Slipped Her Mind 10"


Minimal electronic music from Downwards similar to Sandwell District and Tropic of Cancer.

Aug 3, 2011


Emergency dose of Skinny Puppy for a friend who just lost all the music on her iPod.



Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse


Cleanse Fold And Manipulate


Get into it.

Aug 2, 2011

Atlain - Living in the Dark


Here's a ridiculous 80s German power metal record for the guy over at GET WASTE who claims we never have any fun over here!

Aug 1, 2011

Death In June - Nada Plus! Pictures


Are you tired of Nada Plus! yet? Here is a large exclusive photo gallery showing many rare and unseen photos from the Nada! period.
Runes Order - 1991-1994: A Time For Hate


прослушал пару имеющихся треков - весьма заманчиво и интересно. группа явно не любит различные застойные клише и одинаковое звучание, что очень радует.