Mar 31, 2010

Black Tambourine - S/T


A big thanks to Paul for sending me this. He's a huge stud. Anyway, it's Black Tambourine! C'mon man, you don't know who they are? The Pastels meets the Jesus And Mary Chain to make the best Slumberland band that never was. Were only together for two years, never did a proper tour or album, etc. This is a retrospective re-release of their Complete Recordings with new songs.

Mar 30, 2010

Spell - Seasons In The Sun (1993)


Spell was a one time collaboration between Boyd Rice and Rose McDowall.
Boyd Rice - Ragnarok Rune (1992)


"The paths of their steps are entangled; they shall walk in vain and shall perish."
Single sided LP released through the infamous World Serpent. A locked groove meant to be played at any speed with rune etchings on the other side. This is a CD reissue recorded at 33, 45, and 78 RPM.
NON - In The Shadow Of The Sword (1992)

First 8 tracks recorded live in Japan, the rest are studio tracks.

Mar 25, 2010

Boyd Rice And Friends - Music, Martinis And Misanthropy (1990)


Politically incorrect easy listening.

Mar 23, 2010

Pissed Jeans - Shallow


Pissed Jeans are somewhat of a punk band in the vein of Stickmen with Rayguns and Flipper with a twist of Jesus Lizard in there. They're the guys behind the best album of 2009, King of Jeans, and even though they're on SubPop they're still obscure enough to keep your cred. Anyway, this is probably my second favorite band, in terms of contemporary bands that are still around touring and releasing relevant material. They have a knack for making music that captures the disgusted apathy that everyone seems to be going through right now with the help of some nasty sludgy hooks.

Mar 22, 2010

Dum Dum Girls - I Will Be


Mar 21, 2010

Krallice - Dimensional Bleedthrough


Mar 18, 2010

NON - Blood & Flame (1987)


"It is the legacy of our age that we must sink... Submerge to the deepest depths in order that the highest be elevated to light." - Alfred Rosenberg

Mar 17, 2010

Ruth - Polaroïd/Roman/Photo


Ruth was a French synth pop band featured on a lot of the new cold wave/new wave compilations being released now. This was their only album released in 1985 featuring some very catchy and sexy tunes.

Mar 16, 2010

Boyd Rice & Frank Tovey - Easy Listening For The Hard Of Hearing (1984)


One off collaboration between Rice and Tovey (better known as Fad Gadget) done with everyday objects found around Blackwing Studios in England.

Mar 15, 2010

Slowdive - Souvlaki


Another one of those "it's so obvious that I forgot to post it" albums: Slowdive were a early to mid 90s British band often associated with the shoegaze thing, though I say that has more with them being European and on Creation than actually being shoegaze. Anyway, Souvlaki is probably one of my top five 90s albums ever; a swoony,dreamy out of body experience pop album similar to "a mind altering substance without the risk." Do yourself a huge favor and listen to this if you already haven't.

Mar 14, 2010

Coachwhips - Bangers Versus Fuckers


Are you over the whole lo fi psych drone synth led thing going on right now? Are you over guys in goofy thrift store clothes standing behind a shitty keyboard and array of distortion, delay, and reverb doing the same thing for 8 minutes while everyone in the crowd just stands there motionless or checks their iPhones? Yeah, I am too, which is why you need this forgotten gem. Coachwhips features John Dwyer (ex Pink & Brown, current Thee Oh Sees) cranking out noisy garage rock tunes meant to get down to.

Mar 13, 2010

Cursed - III: Architects of Troubled Sleep


I have the worst hangover today and that means I'm in a bad mood and that means I need some music to fucking stew over. This record is perfect for that, and yeah that cover is by John fucking Baizley.

Cursed was a seriously overlooked hardcore band out of Canada together for 7 years. Ferocious blend of crust punk, sludge, and hardcore. Released three albums, this being their last one, and probably their best. Just as it looked as they were finally looking up for these dudes they get robbed while on tour in Europe and called it quits.

Mar 12, 2010


Liars - Siterworld (Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1
Disc 2

Bonus Disc tracklist:
01. Scissor (Pink Dollaz, Lance Whitaker and Transformation Surprise)
02. No Barrier Fun (Duetonal aka Alan Vega of Suicide)
03. Here Comes All the People (Atlas Sound)
04. Drip (Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead)
05. Scarecrows on a Killer Slant (Tunde Adebimpe of TV On The Radio)
06. I Still Can See an Outside World (NON aka Boyd Rice)
07. Proud Evolution (Thom Yorke 500qd Remix)
08. Drop Dead (Fol Chen)
09. The Overachievers (Devendra Banhart and the Grogs)
10. Goodnight Everything (Melvins)
11. Too Much, Too Much (Carter Tutti of Throbbing Gristle)

Third time is a charm, eh? This is my third time posting this album; the last two have been taken down by Mute, I'm guessing? But this is a high quality CD rip WITH the second bonus disc. The second disc consists of remixes and reinterpretations of the album by a various assortment of musicians. Some are great (NON), some are horrible (Pink Dollaz), and some are comical (Suicide). Enjoy.
NON - Physical Evidence (1982)


Correct playback possible only at maximum volume only.

Mar 11, 2010

NON - Rise (1982)


Mar 10, 2010

NON - Pagan Muzak (1978)

NON - Mode Of Infection/Knife Ladder (1977)


"Multi Axis, Multi Speed. Soundtracks designed for play at 16, 33, 45, and 78. Engineered to permit remixing at home. Maximal volume suggested. This record is absolutely unbreakable."

Recorded at 33 RPM.

Mar 9, 2010

Infinite Body discography

Since I last posted Infinite Body records on here it seems he's developed somewhat of a larger following. Coincidence?? Yeah, probably.
I've been listening to his music non stop lately; here's his entire discography in reverse chronological order for you to enjoy.

Carve Out The Face Of My God


From Now On Here We're Weightless




Split with Emaciator


Drive Dreams Away/Eyes Adjust CD


A Series Of False Awakenings


White Hymn


Mar 8, 2010

Boyd Rice - The Black Album (1977)


Mar 6, 2010

Pale Saints - The Comforts of Madness


Mar 5, 2010

Have A Nice Life - Time Of Land


Have A Nice Life is a two piece band responsible for releasing the best album of the past decade.

"About Time of Land by HAVE A NICE LIFE
Time of Land is the name of an E.P. we kind of fell into while working on our next full-length album. It was sold in physical form only once: at our first show ever, at The Stone in NYC. About 50 tapes were sold that night.

Now, the E.P. is available for free to everyone who couldn't make it to the show, in digital form. Thank you very much, to everyone, for your continued and completely overwhelming support for us, our label, and our music. It is deeply, deeply appreciated.

If You Would Like To Support The Band Or Know More is our self-run, self-financed record label. We put out records by bands that record themselves. We think the music is really, really good. Check out the stuff we have available. Sign up for our very-sporadic newsletter. We think you'll probably like it.

In conclusion: Please download the record. Send it to your friends. Post it places. Review it. Tell us what you think.


Mar 3, 2010

Art Of Noise - Daft


Early 80s British experimental synth music.