Oct 31, 2009

Lonesummer - What We Were


Lonesummer is a very noisy black metal project from Philly with what some people will say are "pop" influences.
Skagos - Ást


Way underrated black metal band on the forefront of the growing Cascadian scene.

We poured our heart and soul in to this manifestation of concept, and are definitely thrilled with the outcome. Everyone agrees that it is our most poignant and colossal release to date. Packaged in a thick cardstock O-card with photographs taken by the band themselves, the packaging on this cassette has a very suiting, organic feel. The album deals with the passage of summer unto winter, the spiraling iteration that is infinity; without death, there is no life. The writing of the album is a healthy balance of hit-record-and-go improvisation and constructed riff-writing. The writing was certainly helped along by the endless Winter we experienced here in Cascadia (Coast Salish territory, to be precise.) From the first storms of summer, to the beautiful rot of fall, to the endless, freezing fog of winter, the album covers every moment. Spring has come, and the release has met it's first light. We are cleansed."

Oct 28, 2009

Whitehouse - Birthdeath Experience


Whitehouse are an English noise band credited with creating the Power Electronics genre in 1982. Very raw simple recording, I think they used something like two synthesizers and an effects pedal to make this. Lots of feedback with high pitched vocals shouting obscene lyrics about sadistic sex or beating your children or any of those interchangeable noise topics.

Oct 27, 2009

To everyone who doesn't get the reference:

Oct 26, 2009

Prurient - And Still, Wanting


Oct 25, 2009

Various Artists - Auteur Labels: Les Disques Du Crépuscule 1980-1985


Michael Nyman - Mozart
Marine - Life In Reverse

Thick Pigeon - Subway

Josef K - Sorry For Laughing
Repetition - A Still Reflex
Bill Nelson - Dada Guitare
Paul Haig - Running Away
Tuxedomoon - Ninotchka
Ike Yard - Night After Night
Durutti Column - Party
The Names - Life By The Sea
Steven Brown - Waltz
Richard Jobson - Autumn
The French Impressionists - Pick Up The Rhythm
Isolation Ward - Lamina Christus
Antena - "Camino Del So
The Pale Fountains - (There's Always) Something On My Mind
Mikado - "Par Hazard
Anna Domino - Land Of My Dream
Blaine L Reininger - Mystery & Confusion
Devine & Statton - Bizarre Love Triangle

Oct 24, 2009

Claude Channes - Mao Mao

Oct 23, 2009

B9 Bis: Belgian Cold Wave 1979 - 1983


Compilation originally released in 1981 by Belgian label Sandwich Records. Re-released in 2007 with eight new tracks to better encompass the Cold Wave/New Wave scene in Belgium of the early 80s.

1 Kid Montana - Cabs Ambush 3:31
2 Tristes Tropiques - Untitled 1 1:40
3 Prothese - Tumeurs 6:05
4 Rel Rex - Program 5:54
5 Digital Dance - Human Zoo 5:00
6 Polyphonic Size - Kyoto 4:57
7 Satin Wall - Dans Les Profondeurs 4:01
8 Tristes Tropiques - Untitled 2 1:33
9 Pseudo Code - Around Midnight 8:51
10 Slim Jack & H.F.C. - So Sah Gelleck Tissah 5:33
11 Names, The - Spectators Of Life 2:57
12 Siglo XX - Individuality 4:33
13 Marine (2) - Life In Reverse 2:44
14 Isolation Ward - Lamina Christus 2:52
15 Front 242 - Principles (Instrumental) 3:33
16 Allez Allez - Allez Allez 5:34
17 Berntholer* - Emotions 2:23
18 Jung - The Real Thing 4:02

Bruno Nicolai with vocals from Nancy Cuomo - Love Love Bang Bang

Awesome Italian pop song from a '60s spy movie. I wish I had this comp really badly, hook a brother up.

Oct 22, 2009

Death In June - Oh How We Laughed


First official live release from DI6. Recorded in 1982 opening for the Birthday Party but wasn't released until 1987.

Ne me demandez pas pourquoi!

NON - Children of the Black Sun


Oct 20, 2009

Venus is love, Mars is War

NON - God & Beast


Oct 17, 2009

From Brussels With Love (November 20, 1980)


John Foxx - A Jingle
Thomas Dolby - Airwaves
Repetition - Stranger
Harold Budd - Children On The Hill
Durutti Column - Sleep Will Come
Martin Hannett - The Music Room
The Names - Cat
Michael Nyman - A Walk Through H
Brian Eno - Interview
Jeanne Moreau - Interview
Richard Jobson - Armoury Show
Bill Nelson - The Shadow Garden
Durutti Column - Piece For An Ideal
A Certain Ratio - Felch
Kevin Hewick & New Order - Haystack
Radio Romance - Etrange Affinite
Gavin Bryars - White's Ss
Der Plan - Meine Freunde
B.C. Gilbert & Graham Lewis - Twist Up
John Foxx - A Jingle

Oct 14, 2009

Various Artists - So Young But So Cold: Underground French Music 1977-1983


1 Nini Raviolette - Suis-Je Normale 4:03
2 J.J. Burnel - Euroman 3:29
3 Ruth - Roman Photo 5:02
4 Mathématiques Modernes - Disco Rough (I. Smagghe Edit) 3:59
5 Metal Boys - Carnival 1:45
6 The (Hypothetical) Prophets - Person To Person 6:08
7 The (Hypothetical) Prophets - Wallenberg 6:18
8 Kas Product - So Young But So Cold 3:00
9 Charles De Goal - Synchro 4:00
10 Artefact - Mae 3:18
11 Moderne - Switch On Bach 3:08
12 Jacno - Triangle 3:29
13 Tim Blake - Lighthouse 6:46
14 Droids - The Force (Part 1) 3:26
15 Bernard Szajner - Welcome (To Deathrow) 6:13
16 Richard Pinhas - Iceland 9:38

Oct 13, 2009

Coil - Love's Secret Domain


My favorite Coil album.

Oct 12, 2009

Let your children sleep tonight

These Arms Are Snakes - Oxeneers or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home


An underrated classic; the second best post hardcore release of this decade.

Oct 10, 2009

Former Ghosts - Fleurs


Oct 9, 2009

Bernard Szajner - Some Deaths Take Forever (1980)


Conrad Schnitzler & Dompteur Mooner - Rare Tracks 1979 - 1982 Re-Edited


Conrad Schnitzler is considered to be the keyfigure of electronic Avantgarde Music in Europe.
Schnitzler, Joseph Beuys first student, was member of Tangerine Dream and Kluster (who would later become "Cluster").
Many years ahead of his time, CON was revolutionary in many aspects: He predated Industrial Music, sounded like Kraftwerk and DAF before they did and makes music today at the age of 71.

Oct 8, 2009

Discordance Axis - The Inalienable Dreamless


Very underrated grindcore classic, way ahead of its time. What I love about this record is how fucking BRUTAL it sounds: the shrieks, the shredding guitar, the over 9,000 BPM blast beats, and yet it's extremely technical and precise. Just goes to show that grindcore isn't senseless violence and overly obscene tough guy bullshit. If you like this, and you should, definitely check out Gridlink.

Rotten Sound - Murderworks


Finnish grindcore. As the name and cover art suggest, very fast/brutal/heavy/sick all those words that are inadequate at capturing the essence of any great record.

Nasum - Human 2.0


Swedish grindcore legends reinvented themselves with this man against technology Matrix inspired record. Sounds cheesy but it's pretty intense.

Classics never go out of style.

Lost all of my music so from now until however long it takes me I'll mostly focus on posting stuff I need to replace. Let's start with the classics:

Assück - Misery Index


Anarchist grindcore with death metal and powerviolence influence.

Siege - Drop Dead


Hardcore punk laying down the foundation for powerviolence and grindcore and the most random saxophone solo ever.

Spazz - La Revancha


A powerviolence band that isn't political? Yep, sarcastic, witty, smart, sludgy breakdowns, and a slew of weird samples.

Oct 7, 2009

Cult Ritual Discography

Cult Ritual

First 3 EPs and 3 demo tapes; one zip file.



Oct 5, 2009

Jesu - Opiate Sun


Oct 4, 2009

Burning Star Core & Prurient - Ghosts of Niagara


10 tapes, single song on each side, limited to 100 copies.

Oct 3, 2009

Ye Olde Maids - God Blesses Us, Mother Dresses Us


My shitty rip of this LP: bedroom recordings from 2005-2008 by Wesley Eisold (Some Girls, Cold Cave, American Nightmare, etc.) Weird transitional phase for him between XO Skeletons and Cold Cave, but shows a lot of ideas that would later evolve into early Cold Cave material. Oh, almost forgot to mention that this is only Wes, the "woman's" voice is him singing through some kind of vocoder.

Oct 1, 2009

Pelican - What We All Come To Need