Oct 31, 2009

Skagos - Ást


Way underrated black metal band on the forefront of the growing Cascadian scene.

We poured our heart and soul in to this manifestation of concept, and are definitely thrilled with the outcome. Everyone agrees that it is our most poignant and colossal release to date. Packaged in a thick cardstock O-card with photographs taken by the band themselves, the packaging on this cassette has a very suiting, organic feel. The album deals with the passage of summer unto winter, the spiraling iteration that is infinity; without death, there is no life. The writing of the album is a healthy balance of hit-record-and-go improvisation and constructed riff-writing. The writing was certainly helped along by the endless Winter we experienced here in Cascadia (Coast Salish territory, to be precise.) From the first storms of summer, to the beautiful rot of fall, to the endless, freezing fog of winter, the album covers every moment. Spring has come, and the release has met it's first light. We are cleansed."

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