Oct 25, 2009

Various Artists - Auteur Labels: Les Disques Du Crépuscule 1980-1985


Michael Nyman - Mozart
Marine - Life In Reverse

Thick Pigeon - Subway

Josef K - Sorry For Laughing
Repetition - A Still Reflex
Bill Nelson - Dada Guitare
Paul Haig - Running Away
Tuxedomoon - Ninotchka
Ike Yard - Night After Night
Durutti Column - Party
The Names - Life By The Sea
Steven Brown - Waltz
Richard Jobson - Autumn
The French Impressionists - Pick Up The Rhythm
Isolation Ward - Lamina Christus
Antena - "Camino Del So
The Pale Fountains - (There's Always) Something On My Mind
Mikado - "Par Hazard
Anna Domino - Land Of My Dream
Blaine L Reininger - Mystery & Confusion
Devine & Statton - Bizarre Love Triangle


Stephen said...

Thanks for posting this. I've long loved that Antena track.

Sull'Amaca said...

Thanks very much for this album. Great bands and music. The Les Disques was a very interesting label.