Apr 26, 2010

VMW Discography

Virgin Mega Whore was a side project involving Marc McCoy (Charles Bronson, Das Oath, Holy Molar) and some other guy nobody has ever heard of named Jeff Jellen.
They played whored out and coked up dance punk with lame synths, perfect for those days when you want to relive your 31G days. The Second EP is missing the first track; if anyone has it, I'd appreciate you sending it to me. All the tracks are in one zip file for your convenience.

Virgin Mega Whore - The Door Knob Of San Diego

Virgin Mega Whore - Virgin Mega Whore

Virgin Mega Whore - Second EP



jason quinones said...

that full length is cool! listening to it right now and am really digging it.

Nicholas said...

awww the first song is missing from the 2nd ep.

bad ass upload though thanks.

do you think you could find the fast forward 7" with suddam hussein on the cover?

Jelen said...

fuck y'all

...Jeff Jelen