Oct 22, 2008

Emanuelle E Gli Ultimi Cannibali

Or better known in the States as Trap Them and Kill Them, which is where the band TRAP THEM derive their name from. Easily the best band in "hardcore" right now, Trap Them are a four piece hailing from New Hampshire. Their distinguished sound is a ferocious blend of crust, punk/d-beat, and grindcore. However, their sound has become less grindcore influenced and leaned more toward a technical metal style (think of a rawer sounding Jane Doe).

Trap Them - Sleepwell Deconstructor


Trap Them - Seance Prime


Trap Them/Extreme Noise Terror Split

1. Religion Is Fear (Extreme Noise Terror)
2. Day 18: Enders (Trap Them)

Check out this band with NARROWS and THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES in December. Will easily be one of the best tours of the year.

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