Nov 29, 2008

At the Drive-In Discography

Hell Paso (EP)

Alfaro Vive, Carajo! (EP)

Acrobatic Tenement (LP)

El Gran Orgo (EP)

In/Casino/Out (LP)

Vaya (EP)

Relationship of Command (LP)

Now, this next file is a collection of all their splits and b-sides.
Splits (I've only included the ATDI songs) with:
Aasee Lake, Burning Airlines, Murder City Devils, and Sunshine.
Singles (Only B sides):
One Armed Scissor, Rolodex Propaganda, and Invalid Litter Dept.
And an unreleased Smiths cover included on the 'This Station is Non-Operational' anthology.


CAN'T RELATE said...

awesome. thank you,

chrisxmichael said...
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chrisxmichael said...

Favorite band EVER! From my home town too!


John Arbuckle said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Solsticiio said...

dude if you can fix the last link :(

Carlos Muñoz said...

Muchas Gracias