Aug 9, 2009

Cobalt - Gin

Best black metal record of the year and they are American. WTF.

“a vicious, piss-eyed miscreant tearing through the curdled detritus of a post apocalyptic food chain, huffing gasoline, shitting fire and gnawing on grisly chunks of blackened flesh...relentless"” – DECIBEL

"powerful riffs, punishing tempos, and a frightful better sit your ass down and hold on, especially if you are unfamiliar with the black metal battle cruiser that is Colorado's COBALT. Whether launching into hyper speed mode or turning on a dime into a controlled slow burn, the effect is always attention grabbing." – BLABBERMOUTH

"ominous…an artistic and stylistic leap from the "extreme for the sake of extreme" sound" - TERRORIZER

"part black metal, part discordant prog metal, part towering engrossing, highly disturbing journey" - POPMATTERS

"state-of-the-art black metal. It eschews the typical blastbeats and bees-in-a-bucket guitars for big drums and big riffs." - ALL MUSIC

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Boogie Woogie said...

Cobalt fucking sucks.