Sep 14, 2009

Teenage love songs ain't such a thing fucking's only fucking when you're only sixteen

Le Shok - We Are Electrocution

This is the record that pretty much started it all way back in 2001, along with The Locust self-titled full length. 13 synth-punk dance tunes clocking in at something like maybe 11 minutes? Fuck Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda, No Age, all those bands that came and went at the Smell, the bands that thought it was cool to use French in their names, the assholes that wore white ties or all black and yellow and danced like idiots at all the Long Beach shows; all of them and pretty much everyone has ripped off this record of been influenced by it in one way or another. Fucking shame that despite all the notoriety and 7"s going for hundreds of dollars these guys are pretty much forgotten.


kris138 said...

glad i finally checked this out

PJ Schlacter said...

It's totally true, it's such a shame how this great band is virtually forgotten now. The same is easily said of the band Sporco as well. Two hugely influential bands of the early 2000s. I've actually been listening to both bands lately and just can't believe that when you scour the internet for info on them you can find anything - like they never existed.