Nov 10, 2009

Best of...

Flying Lotus - L.A. EP 1X3 (July 14, 2008)

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles (June 10, 2008)

"The main thing is being in L.A., around all types of creative folks who push me to do what I’m not doing. I’ll play something and they’ll tell me to play my weird shit instead. They’re tired of hearing the regular stuff, so they’re supportive of what I’m doing and challenging me to take it further. My environment is a direct influence. I wanted to tell the story of Los Angeles with music. It’s both a love letter and hate mail. Living in L.A. is a series of contradictions, and I wanted to get the good and the bad feelings in there. The point of the album is to take people on a ride and make it cinematic. I wanted this album to have a scope as big as the city." - Steven Ellison.

Technically these are two releases but they complement each other so well that I've always considered them part of the same tracklist. I'm a little biased here and prefer the EP. It feels a bit more cohesive, but that doesn't mean the album isn't impeccable. Filled with fuzzy, glitchy beats sometimes backed by soulful vocals. Gotta be some of the funkiest, sexiest music cranked out this decade.

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