Jan 14, 2010

Slayer - Reign In Blood (1986)


I know you're thinking EW SLAYER long hair Satanic white supremacists and you wanna go hide behind your Grizzly Bear albums, but this is without a doubt the greatest thrash metal record of all time. AND it's in glorious 320 AND it's an original 1986 CD rip where the mastering is messed up so the ending of Postmortem actually plays at the beginning of Raining Blood and makes it that much more brutal.


the static fanatic said...

ride the lightning would get my vote for best thrash album, along with among the living and maybe peace sells and possibley the first testament album.

JAWZY said...

thanks, asshole. <3

BRENT said...

yo can i get a re-upload?
would appreciate the hell out of it.