Jan 4, 2010

Songs For The Arctic Ocean


Compilation put together by David Horvitz. I have no idea who he is or why anyone should care, but it's a good comp.
1. Infinite Body - Repeating Snow Cathedral
2. Ô PAON - Nunavik
3. Jamie Stewart - Hypothermia Delusions and Hallucinations
4. Ches Smith - First Commissioned Soundscape
5. Prurient - rrr10005
6. Prurient - rrr10006
7. Lucky Dragons - Keep It Cool
8. Lindsay Ljungkull - A Sudden and Repeated Shudder
9. Former Ghosts - A Note


BP said...

hey, been following your blog for sometime now. it is excellent.

Cracknowledge said...

Thank you for the kind words and patronage!