Feb 21, 2010

Rome - Nera


Why have I not posted this already??? Rome at the time of this recording (2006) the solo neofolk/martial industrial project of Luxembourg native Jerome Reuter. Since then he's added another member to the line up, but that's irrelevant. This is a modern masterpiece perfectly capturing a melancholy mood you want to wallow in and accept your meaningless place in this universe.


BP said...

Nice man,
i had just put up all the Rome records on my blog as well. alladultalways.blogspot.com

you might be into this cassette release by JAPP GUTTER. its a side project i do from my normal band.

still best music blog out there!

BP said...


n. said...

i've been jamming to this album for the past two days now. thanks a lot!

Daniel said...

Never heard this stuff...digging it thanks.