Feb 1, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates recently; been having to deal with some hectic stuff you probably don't care about.

Ex Models - Chrome Panthers


Ex Models is/was? (the duo has been pretty inactive for years now, and claims of a forthcoming record are not reassuring) an experimental band out of New York with a similar background to Liars. Started in early 2000s associated with the dance punk revival thing, became more experimental and after shedding some dead weight changed their sound even more alienating the majority of their fan base. Chrome Panthers is their third, and last, album showcasing this minimal experimental sound consisting of of just the two brothers who founded the band with help from Kid Millions (Oneida) on drums. Think David Byrne vocals meets industrial noise punk revival meets repetitively primal rhythms.


Nicholas said...

amazing band.

have you listened to their other albums other mathematics and zoo psychology?

zoo psychology, to me, is their best album.

sweet blog

Ross C. said...

Yup, the drum intro to Zoo Psychology is pretty fucking great. I'd have to say that's their best album, good blend of their early sound and noisy experimentation. Though Chrome Panthers is my favorite even though sometimes it doesn't really go anywhere.

Nicholas said...

yeah i know what you mean.

there are a few songs on chrome panthers where i thought the ending was going to have some bad ass ending but like you said, kind of just stays the same.

better than the song fading out i hate that shit, it makes me think they don't know how to end the song.