Feb 13, 2010

To my surprise this blog has garnered some attention and people have sent me stuff they would like me to post. I want to apologize to them for the untimely manner in which it was done, but if you have anything you'd like to share send it in at pukingdevilsblood@gmail.com.

Chris Rehm - Salivary Stones

Download here or here.

Well textured noisy ambient made for playing especially loud on headphones.

Vampire Slayer - Eating By Myself


Laid back electronic solo project of Valentin Torres, member of Maniqui Lazer (whose drummer just happens to be in All Leather).

Valentin was also awesome enough to send me a few Maniqui Lazer releases: Mexican based synth punk in the vein of early Ex Models, Robotnicka, Chinese Stars, XBXRX, early Les Georges Leningrad, etc. etc. Featuring one of the sexiest drummers I've ever seen.
Maniqui Lazer:
I Learn Everything On TV


Sonic Sex For All


The Amazing Kingdom Of The Animals In The Zoo


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