Jun 13, 2010


Cold Cave - New Morale Leadership


WES, I CAN'T QUIT YOU. Your last album was a disappointment, you signed to Matador, you're playing the Palladium, and I don't know how you put your pants on with all the electro girls hanging off your nuts. DAMN IT, I'M COOLER THAN EVERYONE ELSE BECAUSE I OWN EVERY LP YOU'VE PUT OUT! I RIPPED THEM AND PUT THEM ON THE INTERNET BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE...Anyway, this was a limited tape they gave away at a show in New York. If you like "Life Magazine" and have never heard the Painted Nails 7" you aren't going to like it. Wes goes Sex Ads/Ye Olde Maids on us again accompanied with some shitty spoken word by Max Morton.

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