Jun 4, 2010


I'd like to apologize to everyone that has sent in music for me to post. It's taken me FOREVER to get around to doing it.

Vegas - Wake


That's not the cover art but it's the closest thing to a cover art I could find from them. Vegas are a band that mixes up neofolk samples and melodies with hardcore.They hail mostly out of Germany and they "may or may not contain members of Integrity." I'm guessing they probably do because they share a lot of similarities with that band. More info here.

Orphan - I Don't Have A Home (CS)


Droney kitchen recordings of Sabarah Pilon, a displaced Nova Scotian. More info here.

Caddywhompus - Remainder

Caddywhompus features Chris Rehm whose music I've posted on here before. Very fun pop music with a touch of maybe Dilute or Don Cab. Caught me way off guard, check it out! More info here.

Vampire Slayer - Mexicali Summer


Ambient electronic recordings by Valentin Torres (also of Maniqui Lazer). More into here.

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