Jul 17, 2010


Integrity - The Blackest Curse


Integrity are one of the most influential bands in modern hardcore despite the fact that they haven't put out a good album since 1997. BUT The Blackest Curse is a real return to form for Dwid Hellion and crew. Hellion, the mastermind behind the band, is basically into all of the same things that neofolk/industrial guys are into: Charles Manson, misanthropy, expatriating to other countries (in this case Beilgium), surreal foreign cinema, etc.
Features Boyd Rice on one track.


Daniel said...

Stopped listening to them after their first record. Goddamn their live shows were killer. Shit I even saw Dwids noise band Psywarfare play with Merzbow and Masonna. Funny cause the guitarist from this record I was just drinkin a beer with in Texass. 18 Wheels.

Daniel said...

I take that back. I did have the 10" on Victory. Anyways/Thanks.