Aug 1, 2010

Not a patient boy.

Fugazi - Repeater


Fugazi was a seminal post-hardcore band probably best known as Ian MacKaye(Minor Threat)'s other band. Minor Threat and Fugazi were the two biggest influences on Refused, at least in the sense that they were the only two bands all the members could agree on.
This record had a direct influence on The Shape Of Punk To Come. The drum beat on the song "Turnover" inspired the drum beat on "Summerholiday Vs. Punkroutine."


Jocelyn said...

I thought you were indifferent about Fugazi, too!?

Also, let the trolls begin. You've gotten too popular, Ross.

Ross C. said...

No man, what's with all these assumptions?

Nah, I'm just going to block anonymous comments again.