Sep 20, 2010

Chase the bull in a china shop

At The Drive-In - In/Casino/Out


This is one of my favorite albums of all time, quite possibly top ten, and yet, I hardly ever listen to it. Maybe a day or two out of the year, but I'll play it 50 times in a row and I'll dedicate a whole afternoon just rediscovering how amazing this record is and unearthing all of the feelings I've anchored to it.
At The Drive-In was a post-hardcore group out of El Paso, Texas. Relationship of Command is widely acknowledged as their masterpiece, and though I would agree in terms of it being technically better and overall more sonically ambitious, I prefer In/Casino/Out despite having heard Relationship of Command first and all of the negative associations with ATDI's earlier work. Something about the sheer emotional overload and sincerity of it all really appeals to the sappy guy in me.

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Elliott said...

what a twisted web we weave :]