Sep 25, 2010

Xasthur - Defective Epitaph


Don't you love it when your black neighbors decide to start playing R&B music really obnoxiously loud at 10 AM when you went to bed at 4AM the night before? So you need to out black them and play some black metal really fucking loud to scare their six kids that like to hop into your yard randomly.
Anyway, ENEMIES LIST HOME RECORDINGS, the people that brought you the best album of the past decade (Have A Nife Life's Deathconsciousness), are pressing Defective Epitaph for the first time ever on vinyl. Double gatefold, limited to 600 copies, all new artwork. DEFUNCT ONE MAN LO-FI DEPRESSIVE SUICIDAL BLACK METAL HOME RECORDINGS, DON'T YOU WANT THIS? FROM THE GRIM AND FROST BITTEN LANDS OF ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA. Go pre-order that thing here .

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