Oct 7, 2010

Misfits discography (Part 1)

Part one of Glenn Danzig's selected discography: all of the Misfits' LPs.

Misfits - Static Age (1978)


This is the first Misfits record but it wasn't released until 1997. Danzig had started his own label called Blank Records, which he released the Cough/Cool single through. Turns out another label came atfer called Blank and in order to not get sued by Danzig they offered him 30 recording hours in their studio. Static Age was recorded with that time but no label was willing to release it, and the record was eventually shelved due to a couple of members leaving the band.

Walk Among Us (1982)


The band's first proper LP features the traditional "horror punk" sound. Kitschy lyrics with b-movie references.

Earth A.D. (1983)


The final TRUE Misfits record featured a more "hardcore" shift. Very noisy, quick, and gory. The original issue is only about 14 minutes long but this is a reissue with the Die, Die My Darling EP included.

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