Oct 12, 2010

Misfits Discography (Part 2)

Part two of Glenn Danzig's selected discography: Misfits singles, b-sides, and live.

This is probably the fourth time I've done this I hope it's the last because it's a pain in the ass.


Zip containing the following (I guess I could have posted individual album covers but that would have been obnoxious):
Cough/Cool 7" (1977)
Horror Business 7" (1979)- Only the songs Horror Business and Children in Heat
Night Of The Living Dead 7" (1979) - Only the songs Where Eagles Dare and Rat Fink
3 Hits From Hell EP (1981)
Halloween 7" (1981)
Legacy Of Brutality (1985) - Only the songs Who Killed Marilyn? and American Nightmare
Collection II (released in 1995 but the song was recorded in the 80s) - Mephisto Waltz
Box Set Disc 3 (released in 1996 but the song was recorded in the 80s) - Spook City U.S.A.

If you download this along with the previously posted Misfits album, you are now the proud owner of (presumably) at least one version of every studio recorded Misfits track with Glenn Danzig. I'm sure there are some tracks I'm missing but who's keeping track?



The only official live recording with Danzig on vocals. Was originally released as an EP but was later released as a proper album in '87 with additional tracks. Originally recorded in 1981 in New York and San Francisco. This version of "We Are 138" features Henry Rollins of Black Flag.

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