Oct 22, 2010

Samhain Discography.

Part three of Glenn Danzig's selected discography: the Samhain trilogy.

SAMHAIN was a band formed by Glenn Danzig in 1983 following the breakup of the Misfits. First album is somewhat similar to Misfits' later work but by their last album Samhain would branch off into their own deathrock/goth metal world shrouded in the occult and heavy drug use. Eventually Danzig and bassist Eerie Von would split from the guitarist and drummer to form Danzig.
There is another Samhain release but I won't bother posting it since it's not very good.



Unholy Passion





Δημήτρης said...

I'm a huge Glenn Danzig fan and i strongly believe that Samhain is his career's highlight.They're darker and heavier than the Misfits plus he hadn't adopted yet that cheesy morrison-on-steroids image(in other words,when he forgot what a t-shirt is).

SirCaustic said...

I am hoping that you could be able to repost the Samhain trilogy. I have been searching EVERYWHERE for it. True story. =)