Nov 2, 2010

Drunkest in the flood.

Some Girls - Live at the BBC


Before Wes Eisold fronted a New Order tribute band, before Justin Pearson jumped the electro rave bandwagon, before Rob Moran joined a castrated Botch, before Chuck Rowell decided he was going to be straight and start a Jesus and Mary Chain rip-off band THERE WAS SOME GIRLS: a San Diego five piece taking influence from all over the musical spectrum to create their boundary pushing hardcore.
Hot damn, I'm stoked that this has finally been "released" after four years. Features a never released track titled "Get Off The Dove."


Justin Marc Lloyd said...


Frankie said...

so, when are you and Wes getting married?

Ross C. said...

When I wear your dad out.

Frankie said...

he's got a weak heart, so i guess i should rent my tux

Ross C. said...

It's okay, you can just wear your vintage Unknown Pleasures shirt.