Nov 21, 2010

Various Artists - Kompakt: Total 1


KOMPAKT is a Cologne, Germany based record label specializing in microhouse. This is the first installment of their annual compilation of vinyl releases and exclusives from its biggest artists and most promising newcomers.

Jürgen Paape - "How Great Thou Art"
Salz - "Salz 2.1"
Benjamin Wild - "Kronberg"
Schaeben & Voss - "Dicht Dran"
Michael Mayer - "17 & 4"
T.Raumschmiere - "Ost-Strom"
Dettinger - "Infarkt"
Reinhard Voigt - "Tod Eines Hippiemädchens"
Joachim Spieth - "Abi '99"
Jürgen Paape - "Triumph"
Mathias Schaffhäuser - "Some Kind Of"
Michael Mayer - "Heaven"
Dettinger - "Blond"


†††† said...

hi do you like botch? can you please do a post on them?

Ross C. said...

Posted We Are The Romans a while ago:

Guess I can always upload An Anthology Of Dead Ends.

stephen said...

This is great.