Dec 30, 2010


I'm not going to post a long ass list of records that came out this year and proclaim them as my favorites because I'll probably never listen to them again.
Instead here are my two favorite albums of this year that I know I'll listen to for years to come.

Chelsea Wolfe - The Grime and the Glow

On LP through Pendu Sound. Limited to 500 copies. Buy HERE.

Glad to say I know Chelsea personally. She and her boyfriend Ben are really down to earth, sincere people. Surprised that for a California act they don't have much exposure but I know 2011 will be a great year for them. I just hope they don't get TOO popular because then I'll have to bash them to retain cred. HAH.

Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky

Limited LP available through Young God HERE.

Gira is back? Gira was never gone, son. Whether or not I think he should have revived the Swans name to release what is basically a heavier version of Everything is Good Here/Please Come Home doesn't really matter. This is hands down the best album of the year, and quite possibly (though I know it's not hip to praise contemporary works of established artists) one of my favorite Gira involved works. Yes, it has Devendra Banhart but the song is fucking brilliant. This entire record is fucking brilliant.


Other favorites:
Liars - Sisterworld
the Shoppers tapes (1) & (2).

If you are so inclined, feel free to leave a comment with your favorites of 2010.
PS. If you are going to say Kanye West, go troll somewhere else.


francis jones said...

ordered the chelsea wolfe LP, might be the first copy in the UK.

thanks for all the great music this year

meagan said...

ahhh chelsea wolfe, so good. found out about her through this blog.

i really liked the album by ceremony. the title escapes me atm...

Héctor said...

Choosing things that you hadn't post is difficult, man.

I'd say "New Slaves" by Zs, "Union Of Irreconcilables" by Menace Ruine, "Funeral Mariachi" by Sun City Girls, Zach Hill's "Face Tat", or the Daughters self-titled album.

And the new stuff from The Knife is pretty enjoyable to me.

Héctor said...

By the way, my Lastfm nickname is Tarkov. I still digging this damn blog everyday, haha.

Ross C. said...

@Francis, nah thank you for your patronage.

@Meagan, the shoegazy Ceremony I'm guessing? Haven't heard anything recent by them. Will have to check it out.

@Hector, saludos! Sabes que se me olvido subir el disco de Menace Ruine. Lo e estado escuchando desde que se estreno.

Δημήτρης said...

Stuff that you didn't post in 2010 and i find them awesome are Deathspell Omega-Paracletus and Blood Axis-Born Again.Legendary Shack Shakers'Agridustrial too, if you dig their sound.

have a great new year mate!

Ev said...

Some of my faves of the year were
Kayo Dot - Coyote
Oneohtrix Point Nothing - Returnal
The Soft Moon
Grinderman - 2
And the two LA Vampires mini albums..

Jon said...

thanks for the shoppers heads up, that tape was definitely one of my favorites from last year.

more overlooked/regional bests came from cleveland's this moment in black history and megachurch. albums are called 'public square' and 'megachurch' respectively. can't recommend them enough.

looking forward to more devil's blood in the new year.

Ross C. said...

Wow, This Moment In Black History are still around??? I got really into them when they did a split with Fatal Flying Guilloteens a few years ago. Will have to look into it. Thanks!

Jon said...

fuck yeah they are! and that ffg split is amazing!

Emma said...
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