Jan 11, 2011

Cave in

Chelsea Wolfe - The Grime and the Glow


I wasn't going to upload this but I noticed that people have been posting really shitty 128 quality conversions of the AAC files from iTunes. If people are going to pirate this album, it may as well be a decent sounding rip (320 kbps). Nerdy shit aside, this is a fantastic album. My second favorite record of 2010.


Hextra said...

Thank you very much! I promise to make up for it by buying some of her swag.

abeautifulplaceinthecountry said...

Much appreciated. Looking forward to listening to it. Hope she appreciates your efforts in promoting her band around the world.
jb (JAPAN)

Δημήτρης said...

which is the first?

Δημήτρης said...

which is the first?

John Henry Eden said...

Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky