Mar 25, 2011

deafheaven - Roads to Judah


"fuckin amazing, deafheaven kicks ass, Roads to Judah is some of the most beautiful pieces of music i've heard recently"

"I want to know how this band got so popular. This is some of the most contrived, soulless shit I have ever heard. This also has nothing to do with them being hipster, just hollow shells of real men."

"This is really awesome and quite original. This "Black metal meets screamo and shoegaze" is really interesting"

"i wear turtleneck sweaters, sip cappuccinos at the local coffee house and my glasses frame is more expensive than the rest of my wardrobe combined so no wonder i'm down with this. VIVA HIPSTER METAL"



Δημήτρης said...

Bands like this and Mamaleek sound to me more like indie bands who adopted the metal sound than actual metal's not only their sound, but something in their aesthetics/attitude.that reminds me of early 90's when metal bands like my dying bride,paradise lost and anathema adopted the dark wave/gothic sound to bring something fresh to the metal sum up i'll personally take the 'total garbage' choice but generally, from these mixes only music is the winner!!

Nicholas said...

haha they obviously like wolves in the throne room a little too much.

John Henry Eden said...

I find it funny that black metal is the only genre where the artists talk about it being a very "open-ended genre that is deeply personal and a way for them to break away from all other traditional standards of music, etc" yet when the music does not meet a certain criteria of "black metal" it is instantly labeled as "untrue" or hipster or not black metal enough, etc.
I find this to be a very boring release but I give props to Deathwish for releasing this. They obviously knew that a label rooted in traditional hardcore music signing a California Bay area black metal band would create a ton of press.

jamie said...

could be worse.

garlandb said...

This is pretty cool, I enjoyed it. Not sure a band like Mamaleek has much in common with them though. They're much more raw/evil sounding. I'm hearing that polished, melodic French stuff like Alcest with a pinch of Godspeed/EITD.

Baron Gaius Silenus Von Noisehiem said...

not horrible but not really all that interesting either. the album art is pretty rad tho.

burntoutsavannahs said...

I'm into it. Not quite as good as Mamaleek, but still pretty good. I also was thinking about what Ross said. I was listening to Burzum today, but I don't wear corpsepaint or Mayhem shirts or have long hair. I think the look is linked to that cvlt sound that everyone shits themselves over, or for that matter pisses on a band when they are trve enough. Sorry for the run on sentences, but this elitism kind of ruins black metal for me in general.