Mar 19, 2011

I just hate it when the change falls out of my pocket

Various Artists - Possessed To Skate


This post is dedicated to all my girls out there who listen to Ceremony and wear Trash Talk shirts.

625 Thrashcore, Theologian Records, and Pessimiser Records put out this great comp in 1997 featuring Charles Bronson, Spazz, Assholeparade, Pretentious Assholes, Unanswered, Palatka, and Despise You.


Deep Space Jah said...

I would have shit my pants over this comp when I was 16.

sick fat bear said...

I'm wondering where this change falls out my pocket is sampled from.. could it be vincent gallo? which film? thx for help!

John Henry Eden said...

It's from Police Academy 4.