May 9, 2011

Beating a dead horse, pt. 2

Every single Cold Cave link I posted (except for one) has been taken down by Matador even though they did not actually release most of that music. A lot of people have asked me to re-up that stuff. This is not a band that I find particularly interesting anymore, but I will always be a Wes Eisold fanboy and I realize that this blog only started to pick up when I began posting Cold Cave.

SO here it is: the entire Cold Cave discography (for the last time). Get this quick because I'm sure Matador will have most of this stuff down by the middle of the week.

The Trees Grew Emotions And Died 12"


First CC release intended for public consumption. Still my favorite release of theirs.



Compiles basically all of the material released before Love Comes Close (except for the previous 12"): Painted Nails 7", Coma Potion 12", Electronic Dreams tape, and the split with Blessure Grave/Crocodiles

Love Comes Close


Everyone's favorite New Order album.

Death Comes Close


B-sides from Love Comes Close.

New Morale Leadership


Limited tape sold at a NYC show. Revisits the Painted Nails 7" sound.

Stars Explode


Another noisy collaboration with Prurient.

Cherish the Light Years


This record sucks.


Emma said...

I fucking hate 70% of what Cold Cave has released. I've written page long posts about why I think they're lacking in pretty much everything that makes a band good and gives them staying power. And yet...most of my blog traffic is due to people searching "cold cave" and "jennifer clavin leaves cold cave". Haha.

Justin Marc Lloyd said...

i love shitty music. thanks for upping this stuff. btw, not the entire discography at all, but it doesn't matter, this post had some shit i didn't have. thanks!

John Henry Eden said...

Gotta get the passive aggressive last word in, eh? I'm sorry but this is (so far) the entire Cold Cave catalogue.

@Emma, I'm not trying to come off like I totally wasn't into this band at some point, but you're right, they just are not very memorable. If Wes Eisold had not been involved with the problem I would have probably not even bothered with it.

Nicholas said...

Daaamn emma youre a hater. 70%? I'd like to see your math ass clown. Its obvious you dont have anything else interesting to say since people only hit up your blog for cold cave.

I think most of their releases are legit minus the sparkled fart he created called cherish the light years. I think he should move on to his next project and maybe lower his confidence a bit cause i miss that wesley.

Some girls reunion! (Justin pearson can stay home)

Natasja- said...

Come on, it doesn't suck.
As far as I can remember, you didn't like Earthly Delights either, which is a masterpiece.
Anyway, thanks for that.
But you got a weird approach on what's good or what sucks.

John Henry Eden said...

No need to justify bad taste. Enjoy the music, that's all that matters.

h4x0r said...

Anyway you can dropbox this stuff to me or something? Impossible to find these mp3s nowadays. Please email