Nov 7, 2011


As promised, the second part of my I Am Spoonbender revival trilogy:



The most overlooked album of the 90s? Maybe a bit too bold of a claim but definitely the most overlooked album on GSL's roster! IAS was (is???) at its core Cup and Dustin with a rotating set of musicians making unclassifiable tunes in their mysterious studio above San Fran's legendary Aquarius Records. Featuring: drum and bass, heavy modular synthesizer foreplay, tape loops, field recordings, telepathic subliminal messages, Uri Geller references before you started reblogging every picture of Carl Sagan in front of a nebula, and the best fucking asymmetrical haircuts since A Flock of Seagulls. You've slept on this for long enough, now here's your chance to catch up.

Teletwin EP


I've always thought of this as a b-sides collection to Sender/Receiver. Has an alternate version of "Stopwatch Static" that gives the original a run for its money, a reworking of Berlin's "Metro" and four lengthy instrumental jams.
Useless trivia of the day: the vinyl for this was pressed as a three "sided" record, meaning the second side has two grooves in it allowing for random play.

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