Dec 3, 2009

Best of...

Jesu - Conqueror (February 20, 2007)

"Even though I talk about Conqueror being a pop record, clearly it's not Oasis. It's still heavy, down-tuned, quite fucked-up music. It's not like I'll ever be capable of writing a three-and-a-half-minute classic pop song." - Justin K. Broadrick

JKB's magnum opus right here. It's a bit odd at first hearing such a bright and optimistic record coming from a guy I always pictured rupturing his bowels in a cesspool somewhere trying to record vocals. Conqueror is damn near flawless: a perfect blend of droning fuzzy guitars, synthesizers reminiscent of 80s pop, and melodic vocals. Great for those lonely days where you need some uplifting.

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