Jan 23, 2010

Knife to my head when she talks so sweetly

I have compiled all of the Jesus and Mary Chain's material recorded during the awesome Psychocandy period conveniently placed in a single .zip file just for you. Singles do not include title tracks because those are on Psychocandy, and you should already have that record.
Just Like Honey 12"

1. Head
2. Cracked
3. Just Like Honey (Demo Oct. '84)

Never Understand 12"

4. Suck
5. Ambition

The Power Of Negative Thinking: B-Sides And Rarities (Disc 1)

(These are only the tracks that were previously unreleased)
6. Up Too High (Demo)
7. Never Understand (Alternate Version)
8. My Little Underground (Demo)
9. The Living End (Demo)
10. Walk and Crawl

Some Candy Talking

11. Some Candy Talking
12. Taste of Cindy (Acoustic)
13. Hit
14. Psychocandy
15. Cut Dead (Acoustic)
16. You Trip Me Up (Acoustic)

17. The Hardest Walk (This is the version released on the Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack)

Upside Down 7"

18. Upside Down
19. Vegetable Man

You Trip Me Up 12"

20. Just Out of Reach
21. Boyfriend's Dead

And in case you don't already have Psychocandy it's never too late to get acquainted
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Psychocandy


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