Jan 21, 2010

Not in a Slint way but I miss you.

Slint - Spiderland


Was going to upload this yesterday as a great soundtrack to shitty rainy days where you're feeling down, then some fucked up stuff happened and it became even more relevant.
Slint was an American four piece band forming in the mid 80s and disbanded in 1991, pioneering what I guess you can call the "math rock" genre. They hooked up with Steve Albini who produced their overlooked first record, split with him and a member due to conflicts on sound direction, released this gem, and disappeared into obscurity up until a few years ago. This band alienates a lot of people because even though Slint is one of these quintessential bands indie alternative college radio kids love to name drop, their music isn't really welcoming or accessible. It's a dry record with grating guitars, thumping bass, walloping drums, vocals that are usually spoken narratives regarding some form of self loathing depression with the occasional regretful heart wrenching yells: this record is not a fucking feel good record.

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