Aug 5, 2010

Le Shok Discography.

LE SHOK was a synth punk band from Long Beach, California, and probably the biggest influence on that whole "scenester" subculture of the early to mid 2000s. YOU KNOW THE ONE: white belts, girl pants, dyed black and razored haircuts swooping over one eye, etc. Not to mention they were basically ripped off by every band ever out of the Southern California area (Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda, No Age, etc.)
Funny thing is that they were just a bunch of drug addicted assholes that everyone's forgotten about. But I remember when everyone wished they'd been old enough to see Le Shok play at Zed Records or Vinyl Solution and shelled out hundreds of dollars for a single 7". I also credit this band with the rebirth of vinyl. BOLD STATEMENTS for sure, but are they really all that great? I don't really know. I'm really biased because it's what I grew up with but at least slam heroin and dance to it.

S&M 7"

L.A. To N.Y. 6"

So What 7"

DNA 7"

Split w/ Electric Frankenstein

Split w/ Ink & Dagger

Split w/ The Stitches

All under one zip file for your convenience:

We Are Electrocution (LP)



stephen said...

Man, I am loving this blog of late. This is a great post. Thanks.

Ben said...

fuck this blog, it's too good

jeff said...

you sir, are a fine man. thanks for this!