Oct 3, 2010

Danzig - Danzig


It's October, which means you're going to sit through loads of bad horror movies, ingest five pounds of candy, and listen to a day's worth of Glenn Danzig. At least I will.

Edit: While making this post I discovered that everything I've uploaded by Glenn Danzig (except one Samhain album) has been deleted so I'm going to upload all of his discography over the course of this month. So...
THIS RECORD was released in 1988 following what was essentially an evolution of Glenn's previous band Samhain, which itself was a weird evolution of his other band Misfits, into DANZIG. They hooked up with Rick Rubin who produced the album and released it on his new label Def American. In relation to everything Glenn had done up to this point, this was probably his most straightforward/traditional record featuring Sabbath influenced heavy metal with bluesy licks. This remains the band's most popular album due to the song, which I'm sure you've all heard by now, "Mother."

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