Jan 4, 2012

Don't call it a plug

SHOPPERS, a band near and dear to my heart, have undertaken their first ever West Coast tour. They'll be unleashing their unique brand of "hold me down, fuck my mouth/think of you when I touch myself" Syracuse melodic noise punk at the Smell next Tuesday. Come out, support your local punk bands, bring vegan baked goods, shotgun a beer, smash a urinal, etc.
To prep you for what is sure to be a great opener to 2012, I offer you their discography, including last year's debut LP that cemented their spot as my "best groomed band" of 2011. Make sure to check the tour dates HERE.

You Shot Me, And I Woke Up In My Next Life


Goodbye To All That


Silver Year



leigh hyacinth said...

wow.. this is monumental and astounding and oh so very exciting

fokkawolfe said...

wow love this band! thanks!!

Brett Howl said...

I just played with them in Denver. One of the best shows of the year. Love this band.