Jan 9, 2012

Pacemaker, pace yourself

I'm sure you've heard the news that At the Drive-In is reuniting sometime this year. Can't say I'm too excited given all the bullshit Cedric & Omar have done lately (scientology, bad haircuts, increasingly bad production value, over the top pretentious side projects, etc), and the streak of lame reunions occurring over the last few years.
their music does hold some merit, even if it's for nostalgic purposes. If you want to revisit your high school years or want to see what all the fuss is about, I suggest you check out a post I made a few years ago containing the entire ATDI discography HERE.

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Deep Space Jah said...

I think we're in the same boat, dude. Fuckin' A do I love ATDI, but they both turned into such turds.

I'm not even a cool ATDI fan though, I don't type it with a hyphen and I like Relationship of Command the best. U MAD?